Is there a net selling bean sauce online?

Is there a net selling bean sauce online?

[1] This is a game where one celebrity was set to particularly stand out with the help of nine other actors in a 5v5 match.

He Desheng and the other professionals from Dream Realization Ventures began sorting out their comments on the modification of IOI.

This process was actually rather painful.

That was because most of these professionals were very familiar with the Gods Rising game. The difficulty level of this game was the key gap between them and ordinary players.

For them to propose modifications to the difficulty of the setting was undoubtedly for them to deny their own game experiences and to weaken their advantage in certain aspects. It was very difficult for them to make a choice.

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However, on second thoughts, if they did not propose modifications now; Boss Ma’s gaming experience would definitely not be improved.

In that case, Boss Ma would be bored by it in no time even if it was a rigged match.

Once Boss Ma gets bored… Won’t that mean that everyone’s rice bowl was in jeopardy?

Therefore, they had to let Boss Ma play comfortably! The modification plan for this game had to be done!

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He Desheng racked his brains for the changes while trying out the beta version of the IOI. It was not difficult to obtain the beta version of this game since they were the shareholders of Finger Games and IOI’s local agent.

It was just that everyone did not play it very often. They played Gods Rising in the rigged matches most of the time.

The reason was simple. To everyoneincluding He Desheng and Ma Yang, IOI could only be considered just a lower-end version of Gods Rising.

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Differences in map size, game settings, and the like were not very big. The most important difference was in the screen and hero skill design.

IOI’s only advantage was that it was an independent and online game. It was very convenient to add friends and team up. However, this only advantage did not exist since it was currently in the testing phase.