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「Yeah, that was all I had.」

I couldn’t belong to any school, so plain training was all I had.

「Don’t answer seriously to provocation, you trash! Stop the futile resistance, and just die quickly!」

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Gregor roared and swung his left hand sideways. Ash swords appeared in the air encircling me.

The number was incomparable to the previous attack.

Just looking at it, I counted slightly over a thousand.

(…That’s a lot.)

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It would be physically impossible to cut down this number with the pseudo-black sword.

「This is the end! Embers Siege!」

The moment he thrust down the ash sword in his hand, the thousand swords floating in the air were shot all at once.

……It’s about time.

「Destroy -〈Zeon〉!」

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The moment I shouted, dusky darkness broke forth into the cathedral.