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"I won't say there's someone behind me and I won't say there's no one either. I won't randomly give you someone's name either. In other words, I won't tell you anything".

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Apparently Karuizawa's concluded that silence is the right answer. Not a bad option but hardly the best one.

"And if I told you I'll expose your past if you don't say anything?".

"You think there's someone behind me. But because you can't narrow down that person's identity, you chose to approach me instead. Then I doubt you'll be too keen to throw away that chance so easily".

"I see. If I revealed your past before I can draw the answer out of you, then there'd be no incentive for you to tell me anything. And my search for X may be delayed".

That's what it means, Karuizawa seemed to be saying as she averted her eyes.

"Personally, I don't have a problem with you not giving me X's identity. I can just take my time in that case. You failed to take into account that there's still plenty of opportunity in the future for me to narrow down their identity".

"Assuming an attack is launched against you in the future, that is. If they know you're onto them, surely they would take care to not let their identity slip, no?".

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She's better than I expected. A quick-witted and sharp-tongued woman.

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If X's train of thought runs similar to my own, I should assume they saved Karuizawa because they noticed her usefulness given her high social status within Class D. They're someone who wouldn't bat an eye at using others. In other words, they'd be fine even with tossing Karuizawa to the curb.

Of course there's no doubt that X is acting to elevate Class D but they may prioritize the safety of their identity above that.

If I just reveal the bullying problem, then there's the possibility that their identity would be concealed just like Karuizawa said. On the off chance that X manages to conceal their identity any more than this, it would mean my fun would be significantly cut short, huh?

"Not only did you think up a good self-defense measure but you also made it this far on your own, hmm?".

I can't imagine Karuizawa came here without having thought anything through. There's the possibility that she may have received advice from X but.....that possibility's a faint one.