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All three of us asked the exact same thing.

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Sensei coughed「Ahem」, and began speaking, brimming with confidence.

「As I said before, I want a victory. However, not just any victory. A complete and overwhelming victory that would make those Ice King Academy guys a laughing stock…!」

Ria and Rose nodded with a serious expression, whereas I, had a bitter smile. Personally, I prefer a simple and certain victory over a flashy and overwhelming victory.

After that, sensei continued on in high spirits.

「As you all know, the Big Five Holy Festival is a three-vs-three winning through system. In other words, if our vanguard overcomes those three people – Ice King Academy, would be defeated without even getting a glance at our center and general」

「I see…」

「Certainly… If you’re aiming for an undefeated victory, Allen should set out as the vanguard.」

「Fufufu, no way those guys at Ice King Academy would have dreamed that our greatest fighting strength would come out first, and those guys who suffered three consecutive defeats, will think this -『If even the vanguard is this strong, then what kind of monsters are the center and general?!』!」

「Uh! You sure used your head, Leia! Way to go!」

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「Ice King Academy will be frightened by the invisible illusion of Thousand Blade Academy in the future… not bad.」

Ria and Rose nodded consentingly.

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(N-No no no, that’s absurd…)

I need to win three times in a row against three first-year representatives of one of the Five Academy, Ice King Academy?

(Impossible, that is just impossible…)