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However, looking carefully at the replies below, Qiao Liang realized that Boss Pei did not give the speech personally, but he got someone else to read it.

“No wonder it wasn’t made popular online. However, the contents of the speech seemed to have moved the students.

“Hmm... there is a need to read into the speech since it was written personally by Boss Pei.”

Qiao Liang started reading the text.

This speech was targeted at all the needy students funded by Tengda. The topic was ‘view on wealth’. The full text was actually only on one thing, which was Boss Pei’s outlook on wealth.

Obviously, the speech was in hope that the needy students could use the money donated by Tengda to them wisely.

However, what surprised Qiao Liang was that Boss Pei did not emphasize for the needy students to be frugal or save money. He explained it from another angle.

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Many needy students had a misunderstanding about the outlook on wealth, that was to equate ‘wealth’ with ‘money’ at their disposal and mistakenly believe that the correct outlook on wealth was to do everything possible to spend less and consume less.

However, Boss Pei proposed a new concept in his speech. To young people like them, the most precious wealth was not the money they had at their disposal, but their attention.

Therefore, they shouldn’t save all their money without spending them; neither should they buy meaningless things just to satisfy their vanity, let alone spend it on distracting and indulgent entertainment activities.

Where should their money be spent on?

It should be spent on places where one could concentrate and think... use their money to create leverage with their attention so that you can maximize your wealth.

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Qiao Liang suddenly felt like this, the clouds in front of his eyes dissipated.

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He seemed to have finally grasped that thing he was searching for!

Many of Boss Pei’s remarks might seem to be contradictory on the surface, but they could achieve a state of unity on a higher level after digging deeper into it!

The keyword ‘focus’ here made Qiao Liang involuntarily think of the nearest Sloth Apartments and the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine.

Moreover, the poor made Qiao Liang think of ‘Struggle’.

It seemed like there was a really a clue that connected everything together!

However, everything had to be smoothed out.