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Of course, everyone’s physical conditions were different, and the training methods they used would also be different. However, overall, strength first and aerobic later was the best arrangement.

The main reason was that doing aerobics first would affect the effect of strength training, while doing strength first would help the effect of aerobics.

Doing strength training after a long period of aerobic exercises would mostly make them unable to perform well in strength training since they had already used up a portion of the glycogen. It would not be able to stimulate their muscles sufficiently. On the other hand, doing strength training first would also consume the glycogen. However, it would stimulate the body to use fat to provide energy for aerobic training. It would achieve better reduction in fat.

Many girls were worried that strength training would increase their muscles, so they only went to the treadmill each time. In fact, this type of training method was relatively inefficient. If they were slim to begin with, they could use this method to maintain their figures, but if they wanted to lose weight and shape, the effect would be far inferior to scientific strength training.

That was why Guo Licheng said that the smart fitness hangers would focus on strength training.

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Guo Licheng continued, “The space in most users’ homes is limited. They can only have one fitness equipment. If they set up a treadmill and a spinning bicycle, the aerobic training can be done but not strength training.”

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“That’s because strength training requires at least a push rack and dumbbell. Since there’s already a treadmill taking up space, it’s impossible for most people to have another set of strength training equipment at home.”

“On the other hand, if we set up a strength training machine in our home, we can use other methods to achieve aerobics exercises.

“For example, using yoga mats in the living room to do gymnastics, Burpee, etc.”

“Since the main purpose of the smart fitness drying rack is to do strength training, the parts we want to train must be mainly the core strength muscles such as the chest, back, and so on.”

“There’s no need for too many different designs. After all, people who have so many details for strength training would definitely go to the gym. We’re facing ordinary users. Most of them are fitness noobs. This machine has to be simple, easy to understand, and easy to persevere.”

“First of all, the equipment must be targeted at the chest. The chest muscles are relatively easy to train. They are efficient and obvious. You must have a chest fly machine that can train butterfly crossover, straight arms crossover, and reverse arms crossover.”

“The second is the back. The back is relatively simple. Make a high-back training machine at the top of the machine and a rowing machine at the bottom.”

“Then, we can make use of the existing structure as a booster for the upper body. The chair used to train the chest and pull the back can be used as a support for the kneeling posture when the booster is raised.”

“Then, we can make a cable curl at the bottom to train the biceps and Brachioradialis.”