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But I'm fine with this.......!

"Even though you know X was just using you, why do you still cover for them?".

"I don't know......".

That's my line.

But---there is one thing I do know.

"Even I want to act cool until the very end......!".

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My field of vision which had clouded up, cleared up for a moment.

"I see. That's a shame, Karuizawa. After today, you won't have a place in this school anymore. I personally don't want to do anything extreme either but I've got no choice. But, you are worthy of respect. Despite the trauma of your past, despite being betrayed by the only one you could rely on, you still didn't sell them out. I'll give you that".

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This is fine.

I'm fine with this.

I repeatedly told myself that. I will break here though. But for some reason, I felt a little proud of myself.

That despite being betrayed, I didn't betray in turn and that it meant he would be safe.

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If I could help him gain the peace he desires, then that's not so bad.

That's that then. Somehow, aren't I cool?

There never was anything interesting going on with my life but by cooperating with Kiyotaka, things got exciting and that's not so bad.

I had fun.

How should I put it, almost like the heroine supporting her hero from the shadows?

Although I didn't understand a lot of what he did, it was still somehow strangely fun.