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However, the combination of a boat and a vacation also brought up a different memory deep inside everyone.

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This school wouldn’t just feed us sweet things. As we thought back on this, the monitor switched from pictures from the exterior of the ship to the interior. The schedule was also shown.

“From August 4 to August 11, you can enjoy to your heart’s content your summer vacation on this luxury cruise for a total of eight days and seven nights. You can watch plays or pamper your taste buds. And there will not be anything like a special exam on the cruise.”

In other words, we were being promised a real, genuine one-week vacation.

The strongly sceptical students eased up a bit.

However, as soon as those images were cleared, that ease disappeared.

It was as if saying that it was a temptation.

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“But in order to fully enjoy this cruise trip, you must successfully complete the next special exam.”

Just after the students were treated to a fantasy for a little while, they were quickly dragged back to reality.

This approach of lifting us up and then bringing us down would usually be very frustrating to us students.

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However, the students instantly changed their mindsets to one of alertness to the forthcoming battle.

“Looks like you’re indeed learning.”

A smile of admiration appeared on Chabashira’s face.

It wasn’t as if she had brought up the vacation first and foremost just to be mean.

Even though we were still in Class D, she wanted us to prove that we are different from the Class D of a year ago.

Through trial after trial in succession, we had learned how to brace ourselves.

“When would the special exam begin?”

Horikita, who was sitting in the front row’s centre seat, asked a question.

“Usually, the course of events would be such that the test would start the same day or the next day, but unfortunately, this test is still a ways away. The next special exam will be held during summer vacation.”