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Pei Qian had just arrived at Shang Yang Games. He was prepared to bluff Lin Wan so that he could quickly put the establishment of Shenhua’s games department on the agenda.

There were at least two benefits to establishing this department for Pei Qian. First, he could arrange for Lin Wan to leave. Second, he could be more lenient in spending money.

Shenhua’s gaming department had just been established, so the chances of failure would definitely be higher. What’s more, the restrictions that the system placed on Tengda Corporation’s own projects and the projects that Tengda Corporation was investing in were different.

For example, the games developed by Tengda Games would be restricted by the system. On the other hand, there would be much fewer restrictions on the games developed in the incubation base of the Destitution Plan. There would be even fewer restrictions on other companies that invested in Dream Realization Ventures.

At that moment, Shang Yang Games’ office was filled with a busy and passionate atmosphere.

“There seems to be a little bug in this place. Hurry up and repair it.”

“The character of this mature sister character still feels a little stiff. Should I change it slightly?”

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“There seems to be something. Perhaps it’s mainly because of the dubbing. Let the dubbers redo the lines.”

Shang Yang Games’ research and development of ‘Fitness Battle’ was also coming to an end. They had begun testing, modifying the bugs, and the final adjustment phase.

The success of ‘Mission and Choice’ undoubtedly gave Shang Yang Games a boost of motivation. They were all filled with motivation.

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Tengda Corporation only had two biological sons in the gaming department after all. One son was about to take off, how could the other son be willing to be behind others?

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Pei Qian saw this and felt pain in his heart.

How did Shang Yang Games become like this?!

Obviously, as the person-in-charge of Shang Yang Games, Lin Wan had the highest responsibility.

At that thought, Pei Qian walked to Lin Wan’s office and knocked lightly.

“Boss Pei?” Lin Wan was a little surprised. “Please take a seat.”

She poured some tea and asked, “Why is Boss Pei here today? Shouldn’t you be watching Mission and Choice at Tengda Games?”