Online part-time money is cheated

Online part-time money is cheated

After so much discussion, the problem did not seem like it could be solved.

Lin Wan knew very well that a mere two-million-yuan budget would not satisfy Boss Pei. However, they were limited by the demands of a web-based game. Even if they wanted to increase the budget to five million yuan, there was nowhere they could spend the money.

That was unless they decided not to make the new game a web-based one but a client-side one instead. Players would then be required to download all the content into their own computers.

However, doing this… Would change the entire mode of the game. Wouldn’t that be akin to changing it fundamentally beyond recognition?

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Wang Xiaobin cleared his throat twice. “Heh, I think that we can try to make the game a mini-client if we want to use high-definition resources and create a 3D version. This is a mini-client.

“Compared to client-side games, players would need to download far fewer resources. What’s more, there would not be too many requirements on the hardware. On the other hand, compared to web-based games, the graphics would be obviously better.

“Of course, we could fail on both ends. We would be taking a huge risk.”

Translated by: Sads07

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He was so bewildered he couldn’t express his words well, but he tells me with a sad expression.

“That technique is… it once…… destroyed Sadiz’s hometown…. it was used to kill Sadiz’s parents….”


“As we were rushing to the scene, a huge spiral rising into the heavens… eh …. It’s… that was the technique that the Great Demon King Tre’ainar showed.”

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It wasn’t just my father. To my mother, I’m… far from disappointing. I’m sad.