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When the water boiled, Qiao Liang continued his search for the new games.

“The Lonely Desert Road? What kind of a sh*t game is this?”

Qiao Liang looked at the game summary.

“A simulated driving journey that makes you contemplate life?”

“How do you contemplate life?”

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That summary stirred at Qiao Liang’s curiosity.

As a professional content creator of the games section, Qiao Liang was basically someone who would play any games that piqued his interest.

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He clicked on the game and before long, the download was complete as it turned on automatically.

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When he returned to his rented apartment, Pei Qian changed into his home clothes and laid down on the sofa, enjoying the afternoon sun with an indescribable joy.

Back when he was working, he wanted to experience the feeling of having a holiday whenever he felt like it. Finally, he did it!

It was a pity that this was something he couldn’t experience constantly or the system would deem it as a violation.

He took out a can of cold cola from the fridge and after taking two sips, began to contemplate on his plans for the future.

His plan of losing money for this period of time had been progressing rather smoothly.

Be it for rental of office space, hiring of employees or purchasing of office equipment, the entire process had indeed helped him spend quite a sum from the System Funds.

Not just that, those were fixed monthly expenses where he could continue to spend money on.