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And we left the director’s office.

We knocked at the gates of the Orest Branch Holy Knights Association.

Then we entered a huge single story building and submitted our resume at the reception desk. After that, we were taken to the training hall of the Senior Holy Knights.

The training hall was vast as our gymnasium. Swordsmen dressed in white padded undershirt, stood in a line.

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(Wow… what a number.)

Just with a quick scan, I count more than a hundred swordsmen.

According to the woman at the reception desk, all of the people here are the『eggs』of Senior Holy Knights – that is, Junior Holy Knights who have attained their soul dress.

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If they pass the practice test held today, they will be promoted to Senior Holy Knight.

「I’m kind of nervous…」

「Yeah, this is a strange atmosphere…」

Ria and Rose gulped at the peculiar atmosphere in the hall right before the test.

「For the time being… Let’s line up too.」