How to investigate questionnaire to make money

How to investigate questionnaire to make money

He believed that none of the department heads would turn him down.

That was because the various teams likely did not have additional manpower to update the applications. If they left their applications to ‘Top Student, Come Quick’, they would be able to focus fully on their own tasks.

All in all, maximizing the use of resources in this way was perfect!

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July 17th, Sunday...

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In his own house, Pei Qian took a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator, opened it, and then basked in the afternoon sunlight while revising his work.

Handong University had slowly entered its exam week in the middle of July. Although most examinations were scheduled to take place on weekdays, Pei Qian still postponed the Management Trainee Meeting so that the Management Trainees could focus on their own studies.

Thus, yesterday’s Management Trainee Meeting was canceled. The next one was to be held on August 13th.

Pei Qian had always believed that work was important for the Management Trainees, but academics were more important. If Pei Qian caused their grades to slip because of his own matters, he would feel incredibly guilty.

However, for some reason, he kept receiving good news after canceling the Management Trainee Meeting!

The first piece of good news was that, while visitor traffic at Thriller Hostel was increasing, the increase was not significant. It was almost as if Teacher Qiao’s video had not been that effective.

Of course, Pei Qian could not say that it was completely useless. After all, Teacher Qiao was a UP Master with over a million fans, and his video had even been uploaded onto Be Quiet’s official website. It had definitely managed to direct people to Thriller Hostel.

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However, things did not blow up like they did after each video in the Products of the Gods series. There was no sudden and significant increase in sales.

The second piece of good news was that, to thank Teacher Qiao for his video, Chen Kangtuo had granted him the special privilege of being able to experience Thriller Hostel for free for a lifetime.

Pei Qian had heard that Qiao Liang’s management of his facial expressions collapsed the moment he heard the news. He had laughed, but he also looked like he was crying.

When Pei Qian heard this, he nearly burst into laughter.