what are money orders

what are money orders

“Shaking hands with youngsters in front of the venue, is he a fan? I envy your popularity.”

“That said, I’m gonna beat you today, right? That’s why I’ve been training bloody hard.”

“Excuse me! Winning is what I’ll do! Shhhh”

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One after another, a group of people with a distinctly different atmosphere from the other guests began to gather.

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A well-trained body comparable to those in the dojo.

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Eyes that were also glaring for victory.

But I’ve never met him in the dojo.

“Hmm, long time no see. You guys too.”

Mr. Machio seemed acquainted with them.

Then, Mr. Machio tilted his head to me...

“Earth, let me introduce you. They are representatives of our branch dojos for this tournament.”

“Eh? Branch?”

“Yes. The Arcane True Zenith Dojo has branches in remote towns and other areas. We’re at the Conarmy City Headquarters.”

Oh, come to think of it, Jamdi’el explained that to me at the beginning.

At that time, I had just regained consciousness after being kidnapped, so I wasn’t able to focus on that.

“Gord branch, Zabers branch, Mechros branch, Central branch, etc... today is a tournament of representatives selected from all nine dojos and external participants like you and José.”

Other branches? No, I didn’t check any of them out other than Mr. Machio.

It’s not like there were many of Machio’s class in the world. In the first place, Machio was the strongest in the dojo.