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I casually asked a question while eating my meal.

However, Karui smiled a little apologetically, as if they were reasonably special circumstances involved.

Then, Elder Sis Tsukshi…

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“Well, that… we’re, almost all of us, war orphans… our livelihood comes from church donations, but it’s not like we can afford that much luxury… of course, not everyone’s tuition can be paid… so, at least if only for the future of Karui, who is the second youngest, and Amae, who is the youngest… that’s the way it is.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi gently stroked Karui’s head while smiling.

Karui let herself be fawned over by entrusting her body to Elder Sis Tsukshi while being stroked.

Well, the tuition for a magic school was quite high.

So, what about the Imperial Academy?

No….. it would be expensive. It’s definitely high. In the first place, aristocrats and even the princess attended it.

I went through the academy without any questions or any gratitude, but… the reality is that my parents paid my tuition… and, I ran away from home and dropped out….

I had some mixed feelings.

“Ah, that’s it! Today, for the sake of the sisters, why don’t we have a get-together party instead of just eating separately and glancing at each other? With Senior Mortriage and his friends!”

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“Hey, Karui! What are you talking about!?”

“Okay, big sister has Mr. Machio, but other sisters don’t have many opportunities like this.”

“B, but…”

To Karui’s sudden suggestion, the guy’s shoulders clearly shook with a start… and the sisters looked like their hearts were pounding.

Although they were only peeking at each other, they seemed keenly interested.

Even though Mortriage and the others were relegated to the corner of the magic school, that did not matter here.