Junior high school students to make money online ah

Junior high school students to make money online ah

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That was the reason why the clients would always nitpick on some small issues to make it seem as though they were doing something.

In fact, there would even be despairing scenarios such as... “Let’s just use the first draft”.

Ruan Guangjian was grateful as well that he had met with such an angel of a client this time round.

He was upfront with the payment and not only did he not bargain, he had even increased their pay!

The requirement form was casual – they could do what they wanted with the design!

No amendments were required of the designs that were accepted with satisfaction!

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That had Ruan Guangjian feeling somewhat embarrassed.

However, when he thought about how much effort he had put in to provide those high quality original arts, Ruan Guangjian did not see an issue anymore.

All he could say was that working with straightforward people was a pleasant experience!

Having slogged their guts out for a whole three weeks, it was time for his roommates to have a good meal now that the money was transferred as well.

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Ruan Guangjian brought the few of them to a small restaurant near the school and booked a suite while purchasing two cartons of beer from a supermarket nearby.

They were intending to stuff themselves completely and make merry till they were drunk.

“Right, Guangjian. Say, what sort of a game are we making with our original arts? When’s the game getting published?” Old Huang suddenly recalled an extremely important question as he ate the side dish.

It was only natural for them to want to see the game they’ve worked in get published sooner.