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“Indeed, I am Boss Pei’s soulmate!”

“Why did Boss Pei make so many arrangements?”

“To prevent gamers from discovering the remake of Mission and Choice? To save money for everyone?”


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“It must be to give everyone a surprise!”

“It’s more ritualistic to appear in this way!”

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Qiao Liang suddenly understood Boss Pei’s intentions.

Most people would not associate the game with ‘Mission and Choice’ if it was only released separately. Instead, they would think that it was two completely different games.

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However, Boss Pei’s cleverness was to make the remake of the Mission and Choice on the corpse of Mission and Choice, which had a very strong symbolic meaning!

It symbolized the end of the era of humiliation more than a decade ago. It symbolized the new life of the game ‘Mission and Choice’. At the same time, it also showed all players the arrival of this new era!

All of these were hidden in the ‘classic domestically-produced compilation’, hidden in the game ‘Mission and Choice’, waiting for gamers to discover them.

Qiao Liang decided to post something on Weibo at that thought.