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“… That has nothing to do with you.”

“Is that so… However, watching you made me realize something. If you hate Horikita, then there’s no need to involve yourself with her, right?”

I didn’t mean to ask that. I knew that she probably wouldn’t answer. But I was curious as to why she went so far to befriend her.

“Is it bad to try to be liked by everyone? Do you understand how hard that is? You don’t, right?”

“I don’t have too many friends, so no, I can’t say I do.”

Ever since the first day, Kushida certainly made an effort to talk to, exchange contact addresses with, and invite a pessimistic and negative girl. Anyone can imagine how time-consuming and hard that would be.

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“Like Horikita… I wanted to at least look like I got along with Horikita-san.”

“But you were stressed, huh.”

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“Yea. That’s my way of life. That way, I can feel my own real significance.”

She answered without hesitation. Kushida has feelings and rules that only she herself knows. That’s what she was saying. Following her own rules, she frantically tried over and over to get along with Horikita.

“I’m telling you this because of the circumstances, but I really hate gloomy and plain boys like you.”

My image of the cute Kushida has been shattered, but I’m not really shocked. People tend to have both public and private images, after all.

However, Kushida’s answer felt like it had both truths and lies.

“This is just my intuition, but were you and Horikita acquaintances? Before coming to this school.”

When I said that, Kushida’s shoulder flinched for a split second.