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How much time is how to make money online?

Therefore I,


I kept swinging the sword with that prayer constantly ringing in mind.

Like the auto suggestions that naturally appear in search-engines – Being able to cut the world was a given. Not being able to cut it was more ridiculous.

I kept praying so much that I believed it from the bottom of my heart.

And several million years later, an unusual phenomenon occurred.


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For just an instant, when I swung the sword in a downwards arc, the space that my sword passed through『Wavered』.

I did not mistake it. It certainly wavered.

The space, the world – I was able to cut it slightly.

「Ha, Hahaha… I knew it, I can cut it… I can cut the world!」

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I laughed out loud.

I rolled around laughing as though I had gone mad.

After that, 100 thousand years… 1 million years… I continued swinging the sword single-mindedly.

The 『Waver』trail left behind by the sword gradually and ever so slightly increasedー but it certainly had grown larger.