How can I find online game game to make money?

How can I find online game game to make money?

After assigning the tasks for the following minutes, Pei Qian was finally at ease. The sparks that could have ignited over at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had been discovered and put out by Boss Pei in time before it turned into an inferno. Perfect!

June 10th…

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd…

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Pei Qian paid some attention to the progress of the new versions for the games. The finalized update time was slightly more than a week away. They had to leave a few days for the checking process. Therefore, as of now, most functions had been completed.

The art resource had not been fully submitted. After all, Ruan Guangjian was in charge of all the concept art for Ghost General. This was something that took time to produce quality work and could not be rushed.

It would be fine as long as all the art resources were completed before the version update on the 18th of June.

After all, art resources were different from the different functions that needed to be programmed. There would not be bugs in it that could affect the gaming experience of players’.

Pei Qian ran through the various new functions in the new versions of the games. He also looked through the new items that would be sold.

Pei Qian knew that the new versions of these few games would definitely earn money. The amount earned was within his expected range. Therefore, he was not as concerned with the new purchasable items.

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There was quite a lot of new content in the updates. However, most of the updates were regarding art resources.

The Lonely Desert Road had ten new maps and added a new infinity mode. Pei Qian felt that there was no way this new infinity mode would be profitable. Although a downloadable content priced at one yuan was very reasonable, Pei Qian did not think that there would be many people buying the downloadable content just to play the game again on a new map.

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Ghost General had fifty new warriors. They were included in the new downloadable content that was priced at five yuan. In Pei Qian’s opinion, there was a medium-to-high possibility of earning money. However, considering the huge amount of two hundred and fifty thousand yuan spent on creating these fifty warriors, they had to sell one hundred thousand downloadable packages to recover their principal.

Pei Qian estimated that they would most probably be able to recover their principal, but there wasn’t a high possibility of them profiting too much from that.

Game Designer’s downloadable content was priced at five yuan. The game should be floating near the fine line that separated profitable from non-profitable.

The biggest issue was with Ocean Stronghold.

Ocean Stronghold had included new story plots, new settings, new characters, and new weapons. Those updates were all for free. The only chargeable item was a new epic weapon that sold a limited quantity.

Each month, the game would only sell five hundred of the 888- yuan weapons. That meant that Pei Qian could at most earn two hundred thousand yuan each month after tax and deducting the commission for the platform.