money trading

money trading

Everyone present was basically industry insiders, so they immediately saw the problem with this plan.

Meng Chang only wrote some very basic publicity methods in his plan, such as buying web-based advertisements, video advertisements, or buying recommendation spots in some application markets.

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The plan for the advertisement was also very ordinary. Apart from the name of Dawn Games, there was not even a single memorable slogan.

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What’s more, Dawn Games had not been released yet. There was only one official website.

Some advertisements could be found on the official website after clicking on it. Some advertisements could not even be found on the official website. Players had to search for Dawn games platform’ themselves.

One could only imagine how low the conversion rate and drainage effect would be.

Meng Chang smiled. “Everyone thinks that this plan is normal because I didn’t spend any effort on it at all.”

Everyone was stunned.

“Huh? You’re busy with another project?”

Meng Chang shook his head. “Of course not. I’m only busy with our platform this month.”

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“I’ve spent all my time researching Teacher Qiao’s videos.”

“I want to better grasp the essence of the Pei family’s publicity method through my research on Boss Pei’s previous publicity method.”

“Everyone is right. This is indeed a very mediocre publicity plan. The publicity effect is very poor.”

“However, as I said from the beginning, this is part of the publicity plan. In this publicity method, the early publicity effect need not be considered at all. The worse it is, the better.”