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「Citizens! It’s dangerous here, so stay away!」

More than thirty Holy Knights surrounded Zack in an instant.

「Fufu, you guys arrived early.」

The president, who confirmed the arrival of the Holy Knights, laughed with satisfaction.

Apparently, she was just stalling for time with those series of conversations till now.

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As expected of the president, it was a composed decision.

「Holy Knights, I have been waiting for you. I will take the lead, so I would like you to support me.」

While still keeping Zack in her sight, she told the Holy Knights so.

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「What are you saying…!? Arcstria-sama!?」

The moment when they learned that president was a government official – a woman of House Arcstria,

「Understood! All men, support Acrstria-sama!」


The Holy Knights immediately saluted and followed the president’s instructions.

「Thank you very much. And can I get a sword?」

「Of course! Please, take this!」