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He was afraid that even if he managed to fool Boss Pei for a while, he would not be able to escape Boss Pei’s sharp eyes. He would still have to bear the consequences in the future.

Of course, there were still some entrepreneurs who genuinely wanted to start their own businesses. They also sincerely lost money.

That was because entrepreneurship was a high risk to begin with. Failure was the norm.

However, Dream Realization Ventures continued to invest in these projects.

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This was a type of trial error. If he invested in ten projects, nine would lose money. However, if he earned one, he would be able to earn back what he had lost previously. The other investment firms basically operated in this way, but the success rate was different.

That made He Desheng, the person-in-charge, a little bored.

Of course, he was not completely an overseer. He would watch many investment projects. It was just like many automatic software that needed someone to watch and correct their mistakes.

Such a ‘Fully-Automated Investment’ mechanism might be very relaxed and happy but it would still feel a little boring after some time.

He missed the days when he was investing with Boss Pei.

Suddenly, He Desheng’s cell phone rang. A notification popped up on his schedule: “Invest in Star Bird Fitness.”

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He Desheng quickly recalled what had happened.

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“That’s right. Boss Pei called me on Monday morning and asked me to ‘naturally’ invest a sum of money into Star Bird Fitness in a few days.”

“It’s already Thursday. It should be about time.”

“However, Boss Pei said that it has to be ‘natural’. How exactly can I make it appear natural...”

He Desheng pondered for a moment and quickly had an idea.

It would be unnatural to call the boss of Star Bird Fitness directly and say that he wanted to invest.

That was because all the bosses in Jingzhou knew that Dream Realization Ventures’ money was the best but also the worst.

They said that Dream Realization Ventures had the lowest threshold. They would invest in projects that were passable. Then, they would send the finance department and follow the process. They were unlike other investment firms who had to think of ways to persuade investors to show their potential.

It was not easy to get it, but there were too many companies that wanted to be invested into by Dream Realization Ventures. There was a long queue, and he did not know when it would be his turn to follow Dream Realization Ventures’ process.