Teacher online answering website

Teacher online answering website

「In Drestia, a large festival called『Daido Commercial Festival』 will be held for three days from tomorrow. So I want the three of you to buy goods at various stalls and tell me your impressions of them.」

Saying that, Bons-san shoved the 30 thousand gold into my hand.

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「T-That just means…」

「Go and enjoy the festival?」

「Noo, that’s not it. The festival over there is very popular. I want you to explore that secret a little. It is also for the festival to be held in the Magic Swordsman Association in the future. Well, in other words, this is an important request. So don’t misunderstand, ok?」

With a serious expression, he reminded us that it was an important request…

「No, but…」

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That’s too much of a stretch, unreasonable even…

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It was so obvious that he was telling us to enjoy the festival.

Then, Bons-san shook his head and heaved a loud sigh.

「Haa… Listen, Allen… Pushing yourself head first into a wall is not all there is to training. You need to rest mentally too! This kind of『time off』is important too!」


「Well, that’s the gist of it – you guys have been doing too much training every day for the past week! Take a break!」

His real intention had finally spilled out.