What now make money

What now make money

“Normally, we can do preferential activities, but in the ‘515 Game Festival’ and ‘1024 Digital Day’, what we have to do is to completely subsidize and give back to our customers. We have to spend our own money to give our customers 100%!r(MISSING)eal benefits!”

“If we secretly organize operations and subsidize while earning money, it would go against the original intention of this holiday. This so-called ‘holiday’ would not be able to obtain the high recognition of customers. In the end, it would only become a ‘big promotion’ that ordinary businessmen often have. No one would remember it.”

“Wouldn’t that be like penny wise and pound foolish?”

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“You don’t have to worry about money at all.

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“Tengda’s various industries are still earning money. There are ways to solve even if there are some problems with funds. For example... can’t we just sell buildings?”

Pei Qian’s wishful thinking had long been resounding.

Of course, he knew that this set of combinations would put a lot of pressure on Tengda’s funds. However, the problem was that if there was no pressure on Tengda’s funds, he would be under a lot of pressure during settlement!

When others were calculating these problems, they would subconsciously give a little more advance.

For example, there was a hundred million yuan in the company’s account. At most, he would only dare to spend sixty million yuan. At the very least, he would leave forty million yuan for emergencies.

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What if something urgent happened that required money?

However, when Pei Qian considered the problems, he would always take it more seriously.

There was 100 million yuan in the company’s account. He had to spend 130 million yuan.

That was because the facts had already proven that Tengda Corporation’s ability to earn money for no reason was too strong. They had just spent a hundred million yuan. Perhaps Tengda Corporation had already earned another fifty million yuan!

Thus, Pei Qian had given them enough advance.

As for the risks, it was just a lack of funds. Some activities were stuck in the pipeline and could not be carried out.

However, this risk was nothing to Pei Qian. That was because he had bought a few buildings for Sloth Apartments previously. These buildings had all risen in value.

According to the System’s rules, fixed assets were equivalent to a huge reservoir. When Pei Qian had too much System Funds, he could quickly spend them by buying buildings. When Pei Qian had insufficient System Funds, he could sell these buildings and turn them back into funds.

The only problem was that if he bought too many buildings, it might cause the System Funds to take up too much of the fixed assets and reduce his Personal Wealth.

If selling one or two buildings could lower the risk, why not?