Is there a letter to WeChat to make money?

Is there a letter to WeChat to make money?

However, this method of differentiation did not seem to work in the Fitness Battle.

For example, if someone charged a 100,000 yuan, left his favorite orders and refunded everything else, and only spent a little more than a 1,000 yuan in the end, would that be considered medium or high?

Such a situation was rare but it definitely existed.

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Qiao Liang read many cases online and realized that there were all sorts of strange things.

For example, someone had drawn five ten consecutive draws, but the results were all blue skies and white clouds. There was only one purple item, and it was not what he wanted.

Thus, the man did not know whether to laugh or cry as he refunded everything.

If this was any other game, he might have asked the customer service for an explanation. However, since he could refund the game freely, he would come back three days later.

There were also people who drew three consecutive 10 draws. All of them were bursting with orange. At first, he had planned to choose the one with the best results to keep. The other two 10 draws would all be refunded. Now, he no longer wanted a refund and was showing off excitedly online.

There was another oddity. He had really only drawn 50 odd 10 consecutive draws. He had kept a 10 consecutive draw that had exploded by two oranges. He had refunded all the other draws. He had even proudly posted that he was the ‘King of Good Deals’ and suggested that everyone learn from him and make Tengda bald.

Some people even treated the lucky draw system as a test site. In any case, they could refund all of the prizes. Refunding the prizes would be equivalent to not spending any money. They could enjoy the lucky draw.

Such strange situations were never seen in other games’ lucky draw systems.

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Even if other gamers were to show off, there would only be two outcomes: ‘Super lucky’ and ‘Unlucky’. Of course, the ‘Super lucky’ ones might be very lucky, but the ‘Unlucky’ ones might not be too bad either.

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“Tengda’s lucky draw mechanism... seems to be real?”