Online fill in the questionnaire to investigate money

Online fill in the questionnaire to investigate money

He had just taken an exam, and his brain was now completely relaxed. He was not in the right state to try and recall those details.

What’s more, he had too many businesses to take care of now. Pei Qian hardly had the energy to keep track of everything.

He yawned and decided to return to his apartment for a nap first.

Little Sun was a steady driver, but Pei Qian found it difficult to sleep because of the seat belt. Thus, he whipped out his cell phone, accessed Zhongdian Chinese Network’s application, and then caught up on his novels.

Pei Qian had many hobbies. He liked reading comics, watching shows, playing games, watching movies, reading novels, and the like. However, he was a jack of all trades.

After all, he was only doing all of these to entertain himself. There was no need to be so professional; it was all for fun.

Before this, Pei Qian had been reading novels online on Infinite Chinese Network. That was because there was a greater variety, and the novels were often more refreshing.

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As for Zhongdian Chinese Network…

On one hand, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s earlier novels had been too trashy. Pei Qian had not been able to bring himself to read them. On the other hand, he had not wanted to support his own company.

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However, he had started to read novels on Zhongdian Chinese Network recently.

At the end of the day, he was doing it for work.

Pei Qian felt the need to keep an eye on Zhongdian Chinese Network’s state because it was now generating profits. Before this, Ma Yiqun had tried to submit a sum of money to Tengda, but Pei Qian had rejected it. Yet, until now, Pei Qian had not asked where Ma Yiqun had decided to spend the money.

Part of the reason was that he had forgotten because he had been too busy. However, another part had been that asking too many questions would be out-of-character for Pei Qian.

Instead, Pei Qian thought that as long as he kept a close eye on Zhongdian Chinese Network’s application, he would be able to decipher where the website was headed.

He had to admit that Zhongdian Chinese Network was producing a significant number of good novels now. Pei Qian could finally bring himself to keep reading a couple of novels on the site.

It was the Year 2011. The current trend was exciting Xuanhuan novels about young underdogs with unlimited potential. Most of the top novels on the website were Xuanhuan or Xianxia novels, and many novel gods would attain their titles in the next two years.

Of course, the website’s name was different, and the actual books were different from what Pei Qian remembered.

Still, no matter what, Pei Qian continued reading them. Even though he had read the novels before, he had forgotten their contents completely.