Grab the tree on the Internet

Grab the tree on the Internet

It was clearly stated: ‘Each employee must use four hours of fitness facilities or recreation room every week and strive to achieve work-life balance.’

‘Note: Please do not use the gym or recreation room during non-working hours. Please go home immediately after work.’

Wu Bin felt a little giddy. The words were similar to what he had anticipated, but there was an additional ‘non-‘ in front of ‘working hours’.

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The meaning had changed completely! Other companies were all about not using their gyms and recreation rooms during working hours, but Tengda was completely reversed in this case!

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Did that mean they could only play during working hours?

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Wu Bin almost thought that the employee handbook printed it wrongly, but after thinking through, they shouldn’t make such a low-level mistake, right?

He was a little confused. He could only continue reading with confusion.

The third category was about work.

Other companies often put this category as the first, but Tengda was the exact opposite. They put it as the last, occupying only the last few pages of the employee handbook. The description was quite brief.

The life category provided not only beautiful color photos of various work meals but also introduced the taste of each dish in detail. It could not be any more detailed.

The same went for the entertainment category. They had even introduced the various games in the games room with some simple reviews.

However, the style changed completely when it came to the work category.

There were only a few simple notes.

‘Overtime is prohibited in principle.’