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They were apparently looking for eight boys and eight girls, who would be participating separately.

Since only one person would be allowed to participate per group, the Task needed a total of eight different groups per gender.

Only the first place group would receive rewards, earning 6 points along with the ability to choose an additional reward out of several provided options.

Outside of that, every group would receive a 500ml water bottle as a prize just for participating.

Usually, new Tasks would be announced via the map on our tablets, but if you just so happened to be passing by while one was being set up, you’d be able to learn about it ahead of time. You’d get to register for the Task before any other group, but subsequently, you wouldn’t be able to discern what type of Task it was going to be until it started. Of course, if it was something straightforward, you could probably figure it out just by looking at what was being set up, but if it was some sort of academic test, that would be almost impossible.

This Task, however, had a registration deadline of one hour. If we registered for it now, we’d be stuck in the nearby area, effectively casting aside any chance we had of earning an Early Bird Bonus by reaching our designated area.

For that reason, I decided that we would look the other way for the time being and prioritize reaching our designated area instead.

Not too long after, just as I began to feel like we had arrived in area J5, a notification showed up on my watch.

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“We did it Senpai.”

In total, it had taken us about an hour to get here. Under normal circumstances, taking a full hour to reach a designated area would only net you the Arrival Bonus. However, I was apparently lucky enough to have been the first group to get here, whereas Nanase had secured herself the one-point Arrival Bonus, so we both came out ahead. Whether or not she would get the Early Bird Bonus as well depended entirely on Amasawa and Hōsen, but I had no way of knowing about that.

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Since we had dealt with our designated area, our next step was to go back to area J6 and register for the Beach Flags Task.

The two of us went back the way we came, our sights set on earning accumulating as many points as we could.

We were met with something unexpected when we arrived back at the Task site, however. A long line of students, both boys and girls, had already formed at the registration point. The area had been empty back when we passed by earlier, so just where did all of these people come from?

“If we’re lucky, we might be able to take up the last spot?”