2018 online earning money group

2018 online earning money group


A sharp pain ran for a moment, but it quickly disappeared.


I ran straight towards Zack, and

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「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

With all the power I could muster, I unleashed a single attack.

Both hands, legs, head, neck, chest, belly – eight slashes rushed to his body.

「Haa… Such a weak light…〈Blaze shield〉」

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When he lightly swung the huge sword, a heavy flame shield appeared.

The shield, which was red enough to make my eyes sore, swallowed the eight slashes in the blink of an eye.


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The output slightly surpassed Ria’s〈Fafnir〉.

When I was stunned by the difference in power,

「There we go!」

Zack went on, and landed a strong front kick.


A nasty sound rang from my abdomen, and I was blown away greatly.


The broken bone probably damaged some internal organs, and the taste of iron filled my mouth.