Whether you can make money on Taobao online

Whether you can make money on Taobao online

“Do you have any requests or instructions? See if you like where the bar counter is now. How about the chairs and tables? There’s also this bookshelf; what kind of books do you want to put on it?”

Ma Yang walked around the internet cafe; thirty percent of him wanted to ask for Pei Qian’s opinion, but seventy percent of him just wanted to show off his work.

He wanted to show off how perfectly he had done the job!

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Pei Qian took a closer look at the various parts of the internet cafe. Everything was basically done just as he requested. In fact, it looked even better than he had imagined!

In the coffee area—or the bar area, the closest thing to the computers was the bar counter. People could order various types of alcohol or drinks there. On the other side, there was a mini-stage; and on that mini-stage were several microphones for singing.

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Bookshelves lined the remaining wall faces. It made the entire place look very cultured. Seeing the bookshelves made Pei Qian feel like he needed to say something. All the bookshelves were still empty at the time. Ma Yang had not decided what kind of books he should purchase to fill them.

Among the options were comics, best-selling novels, classic novels, etc.

As Pei Qian looked at the bookshelves, he counted the number of books he would have to purchase to fill them. At the very least, he would need thousands of books. If this were to be a Japanese-style internet cafe, then it went without saying that they had to purchase comics. Otherwise, they would at least have to buy popular web novels.

However, Pei Qian would not do that for sure.

If he filled these bookshelves with comics, he ran the risk of attracting anime whales! As the saying went, ‘an otaku’s collection could cost as much as a house in Beijing’. One could not belittle the spending power of these people!

They definitely could not fill these shelves with comics and figurines.

Pei Qian cleared his throat and pointed to the bookshelves, saying, “Old Ma, remember this. We are not looking at the books, but—”

Ma Yang interrupted, “Loneliness?”

“What loneliness? It’s ‘attractiveness’! We look at the attractiveness!” Pei Qian was speechless.

“Oh, oh. Attractiveness,” Ma Yang nodded profusely.

“Comics and novels… what did that mean? They would not be tolerated! Highly attractive books… buy as many as you can and put them up here.” Pei Qian taught him the ways.

“Brother Qian, why not give me a few titles so that I can purchase them?” Ma Yang asked.

Pei Qian nodded and said, “Alright, let me think about it.”