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「The great come back play after being cornered – I’m sure it must have felt good! Although, I was humiliated!」

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「E-Even if you say that…」

…Although she seems to emit『onee-san』-like vibes, she seems to be a little childish on the inside.

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The president then sits down on her chair, with a sullen face.

「…Nee, is it fun to tease a girl?」

「N-No, that’s not my intention…」



She fell silent at once.

Don’t glare at me with such scornful eyes…

「…I see. So you have no intention of apologizing.」

Apparently, she was waiting for my apology this time.

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Of course I wouldn’t understand, if you don’t say it out loud.

「For being so stubborn, Allen-kun – I will have you accept this next match.」

「A m-match?」

As I asked in return,