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Everything aside, her background was simply way too horrifying...

Her father was the President of the largest communication and smart hardware distributor, Shenhua Corporation! Zhou Muyan could not afford to offend someone like that.

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In fact, he could not wish for more than to be able to make connections with someone like that!

Of course, Lin Wan did not know that her identity had already been revealed because she had joined Sun Strike Studios through the usual school recruitment drives.

But clearly, Lin Wan had underestimated her father’s care and concern for her...

The second day that Lin Wan joined Sun Strike Studios, Zhou Muyan received a call from the president’s office of Shenhua Corporation.

There were two demands:

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First, he hoped that Zhou Muyan and Sun Strike Studios could help to take care of Lin Wan so that she would not overexert herself and fall sick.

Second, he hoped that Zhou Muyan could destroy Lin Wan’s dreams towards the gaming industry as quickly as possible so that she would give up on wanting to build a career there!

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Even though he was tactful in his words, a smart man like Zhou Muyan got the point right away.

Lin Wan’s father did not want her to join the gaming industry but he did not want to go against her openly in case their relationship turned sour – that was why he chose such a roundabout method to do things!

To something like that, Zhou Muyan naturally agreed to it immediately.

That was THE Shenhua Corporation! If they could make some ties with them, Sun Strike Studios would only stand to benefit in the future!

Therefore, Lin Wan was the only one that was retained from the elimination list.

Zhou Muyan had long considered about what was the best way to mow away Lin Wan’s passion towards the industry as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t something difficult.

As long as he could show her the truth about the industry, that would do.

The gaming industry, or the domestic one at least, was just a sweatshop.