Lianyungang online

Lianyungang online

To change up the mood, Konoha-san wanted to throw something new into the discussion, but she can’t reveal her hobbies as well. This isn’t going great.

Also, it’s humiliating for us to be cared for by a junior from another school like this. The atmosphere ended up even more awkward. So…

“W-Well, …uh, …game, …right…Dragon Blood Tree’s Maze…”

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There’s a very silent voice that only I can hear coming from the side…So, I turned my head and looked. Then, right there…

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I don’t know whether she’s doing it for her little sister or us…A gaming otaku girl is trembling and blushing really hard as she tries to find something for us to talk about, even though she’s not used to this at all.


At that moment, I finally made up my mind and decided to screw it – Alright.

“Please listen to me!”

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I spoke up with a voice that’s enough to overpower Chiaki’s weak mumbles. Just as everyone’s raising their heads in surprise, …I puffed up my chest and took a couple steps forward.

Then, I stood in front of Tendou-san.

“…A-Amano-kun? W-What’s wrong?”

“Tendou-san. I deeply understand that I shouldn’t bring this out in front of everyone…However, to us, I think we can call everyone here a ‘friend’ and irreplaceable to us. So, I hope you can forgive me.”