Make money online technical Q & A

Make money online technical Q & A

(I’m going to try again next year.)

Thousand Blade Festival is not something that is only held particularly this year alone.

It’s just a matter of trying again next year and making the evolved Blue Sky Practice-Swing Party come true.

As I was secretly burning with eagerness,

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「Well then, everyone, immediately begin the preparations!」


And the preparations for the opening of the Cosplay Cafe began.

After that, the entire class started setting up the Cosplay Café after the last homeroom for the next two weeks.

First of all, we started with the cosplay costumes.

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A female student, who does cosplay as a hobby, brought in a catalogue. And all the other female students gathered around her merrily.

「Nee Nee! I think this would suit Ria-san very well!」

「B-But… Doesn’t the skirt seems a little too short?」

「It’s okay, it’s okay! No problem if you wear spats inside!」

「I-I don’t want to be seen in spats either!」

Talks which shouldn’t be heard by men had developed around Ria. On the other hand,

「What do you think, Rose-san? Do you have any costumes you would like to wear?」

「Fumu… I’m kinda interested in this.」

「T-This?! R-Rose-san is surprisingly daring.」

「Is that right? I think it’s quite normal though.」