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I whispered orders to Ao and asked her to press the circle button on the controller.

(Just touch it. Press the “O” button, Ao.)

(The circle…will…go down…when you touch it…?)

The lady tilted her head a bit and asked me playfully. After that, she checked the bottom left of her sweater as if she realized something. She even mumbled, “I see.” …Then, for some reason, she left the controller on the table.

Just as Keita and I became confused, Ao slowly stood up. She grabbed the bottom left of her sweater as she took a couple deep breaths. So, at the next moment-

-She suddenly used all her strength and sent her left fist out towards the screen with a yell!

“…………” “…………”

When Keita and I fell speechless, …Ao adjusted her breaths again, and then she closed her eyes. Just as a mysteriously serious atmosphere envelops the room, …at the next moment, she suddenly opened her eyes and yelled.

“G-Go down!”

Suddenly, on her left fist, -the bottom left of the sweater, a circular peony embroidery appeared.

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…Oh, …I see. Punching fists and yell. “You punch and yell after touching it.” Really? Jeez.

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“…………” “…………”

-What the hell? Eh, what is this? Can someone really not know anything about gaming nowadays? This is so ridiculous that it’s not even about whether she’s a newbie anymore, right? If you think about this normally, she’s already doing something weird, right?

My face went pale as I glanced at Keita to peek at his reaction. As for him, he’s looking at Ao seriously as he gulped.

“N-No, this is too advanced. My mind can’t follow up at all…! F-From what I saw, I only felt that the lady just did something strange!”

Your feelings are entirely correct! You can see things accurately! However, this guy didn’t suspect Ao. Instead, he’s doubting himself. We can see how honest or dumb he is from this.

Now that we got a chance, I decided to help Ao smooth things over.