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“Usually, you three don’t work seriously during class, right?”

“Don’t decide that on your own.”

Ike objected.

“Then, are you diligent during class?”

“… No, we aren’t. I do nothing until class is over.”

“Right? In other words, you spend six hours a day just idling. Even outside of the one, two hours available after school, there is a ton of precious time being wasted. We must take good advantage of this time.”

“Certainly… in theory that would work, but… isn’t that kind of absurd?”

Kushida’s worries are spot on. It’s because they can’t study that all the time during class is wasted.

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If they can’t even stop themselves from talking during class, I don’t think they’ll be able to understand any of the problems by themselves.

“I can’t keep up with the material covered during class.”

“I already know that. So, we’ll use all the free time we have and have a small study session.”

Horikita then turned to the next page. It had a full description of what we would do.

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In summary, it’s like this. After first period, everyone will meet up and discuss what they didn’t understand. In the ten minutes of break, Horikita will then teach what they didn’t know.

And then the whole process would repeat for the next period. Of course it’s not as simple as it sounds.