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After listening to Ma Yiqun’s briefing, Zhu Anxing’s eyes lit up.

“Brother Ma, I want to write! Can we post the content we write onto our website directly? They can be taken as the game’s official novel.

“We can split the tasks. Each person can take charge of one part of the plot, including the game’s chronicles and the background stories of every boss and NPC in the game. These can supplement the game.

“Although they might not be used in the end, it’ll be much better than sitting around aimlessly and building a cart behind closed doors.”

Ma Yiqun pondered for a while and decided that it was true.

In any case, they had nothing to do. Even if they had to write their own novels, many people would not have anything to write about. Since that was so, he could just make everybody write Repent and be Saved’s plot. Once they were down, he could pick the best ones to be part of the game.

Ma Yiqun nodded and said, “That’ll do. While you’re reviewing manuscripts, think about Repent and be Saved’s plot as well, then. We’ll hold a meeting every week from now, especially to talk about the plot design. I’ll update the project team accordingly.”

[1] “Tudi’ is an Earth Deity in Chinese mythology.

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Translated by: Sads07

“Bro… Don’t get cocky. Just no. Do you know what will happen if you go against adults? Do you?”

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“I’m not going against it. I just follow the rules originally set and won’t change them just to fatten you up. I’ll take the punishment for what my people did. That’s fine, yeh?”

Bro, who stood up without fear of Chitsue’s intimidation, raised his hands as if to show a pose of surrender.

However, his eyes did not seem to have yielded at all.

“Hm, hmpf… you punk…… have you forgotten the kindness that gave you a responsible job even as a ‘half-wit’?”