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What is the most profitable on the farm online?

At first, he thought that he could just come up with a rubbish story that would insult his audience’s intelligence. However, when he wanted to start writing, he discovered that even coming up with a rubbish story was extremely difficult.

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At that moment, Pei Qian wished that he could recall the storylines of all the horrible movies he had watched.

Unfortunately, Pei Qian was no movie enthusiast. He had only watched very few movies.

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What’s more, he absolutely despised lousy movies. He would never catch the premiere of movies and would resolve not to buy tickets to watch them if they had a bad reputation.

Thus, Pei Qian could not recall the plots of lousy movies no matter how hard he tried. He was completely uninspired.

Every time he wrote a line in the document, he erased it and was left with the words ‘science fiction’ again.

Pei Qian scratched his head.

“I can’t go on like this. I need to alter my thought process. Hmm… I can write in opposites!”

Pei Qian suddenly thought of a brilliant idea.

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Be it films, novels, or games; they were all the same at their core. If one wanted to produce a good film, they had to be sure of what their audience wanted to see. Conversely, if one wanted to produce a horrible film, they just had to be sure of what the audience did not want to see, right?

Many lousy movies had empty plots that caused their audience to feel bored and drowsy. This was a good line of thought, but it did not give Pei Qian much to work with.

What was really bothering Pei Qian now was the movie’s concrete plot.