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Obviously, most participants in this news conference were loyal Tengda users. They were closely connected to Tengda’s items in their daily lives. Their desire for this cell phone was much higher than that of ordinary consumers!

Therefore, the proportion of people who stayed to grab it was relatively high! Pei Qian sat in the corner, looking anxiously at this scene. Go! What are you still waiting here for?! Pei Qian looked at the guy on his left, only to see his fingers quickly tapping his screen, filling in the delivery address on the Otto Technologies, and then confirming payment all at once.

He did not forget to clutch his fist after the payment went through. “YES! I snatched one!”

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The others seemed to be doing the same action!

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There was no need to even think about what these people at the news conference could do staying at the news conference event. They were, of course, snapping up the products!

Pei Qian wanted to scream at the top of his lungs: ‘Don’t buy! Don’t buy them!’

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However, the scene seemed to be out of control...

Pei Qian hurriedly opened his cell phone and logged on to the Otto Technologies website. He went to the OTTO E1 cell phone product description page and saw the remaining numbers on the page.

327! Refresh, 116! Refresh again, sold out! Pei Qian heard a resounding ‘f*ck’ exclamation in the venue with the appearance of the ‘sold out’ label.

“This was it?”

“Sh*t! I just filled in my address!” “The importance of hand speed...” “I’m so happy I managed to grab one!” “Is there anyone willing to give theirs up? I’ll pay more; give me one set!”

Someone was already starting to pay a premium.

Pei Qian nearly vomited blood. What the hell was this?!

Crazy, they were all crazy. He originally planned for these 1,000 cell phones to be placed in the storage until the next cycle. Now, they were sold out before two minutes!

That included the time everyone spent typing on the screen. The ‘sold out’ sign would probably be even faster if it was not because they had to fill up the address. Everyone reluctantly prepared to leave while sprouting vulgarities. “Hunger marketing! F*ck!”

“What can 1,000 units in stock do? I’m so pissed off!”