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That’s right, it’s impossible to properly get hit.

「I mean, Tre’ainar! What was that about, I shouldn’t dodge it or something… what are you thinking?」

『No, tis a good experience, is it not? Besides, he would have held back, by nature those techniques look large, but their power is dispersed…』

「……… just to Electrify the crowd…」

『E, elektify』

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「What’s more, you were rooting for Machio!」

『I, I was not…』

When I stared at him with scornful eyes, Tre’ainar looked the other way.

He was obviously agitated.

When I saw Tre’ainar looking like that, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

「…… was this something you were passionate about?」

『…… Nuh-uh…』

「And… seeing a guy who inherited it…. were you overjoyed?」

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『…… Child…』


When I asked him that, Tre’ainar shut his mouth to think a little. Seemed he had something in-mind.

But I saw only that reaction, and I didn’t ask any more.

“Next round, begin!”

Then, the end of the interval was announced by Jamdi’el, and the bell rang again.