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"I'm thinking it'd be great if the group's able to achieve a relatively good score. I'd like to avoid expulsion".

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"If you desire that then you'll have no other choice but to work for it, right?".

"For the record, I'm talking to you now because I intend on working for it".

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Our feet. I could hear the sound of them stomping down on the ground. Kouenji seems to have immediately returned to his own world and so he didn't respond.

As I thought, it's impossible.

When it comes to Kouenji, half-assed threats and appeals are meaningless. Looking back on our school life until now, that much is clear.

Even if all the students, or perhaps the teachers, were to try persuading him, if his answer to that is a 'No' then that's a definite 'No'.

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He's just that type.

Perhaps it's because this is the first day of our lessons, since despite our exhausting marathon training the rest of our lessons consisted only of explanations regarding this school and what will be taking place during the rest of the week. The majority of the lessons consisted of something along those lines. However, it's made abundantly clear that what we will be learning is 'sociality'.

But even if it's put that way to them, the 1st year students probably won't get it. The senior students are acting calm. Apparently the experience gap between the 1st years and the 2nd years is an insurmountable one.


Our final lesson for the afternoon, Zazen, just ended but Keisei collapsed right there and then, unable to move.

"Are you alright?".

The first day. Brought to a close with Zazen.

"I'm fine, is what I'd like to say but my legs feel numb...please give me a moment".

Looks like this has been an unexpectedly hard lesson for Keisei. For about two minutes, he remained stiff and still while waiting out the numbness in his legs. Among the other students, it appears Ishizaki too, had a hard time with Zazen as he leaned forward in pain.

"Shit, eat and bath. Yeah, bath. Give me a hand here, Albert".

Albert silently came over and lifted Ishizaki up by his arm.