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But, …at least, right now, I-

-Karen Tendou, as a gamer and Keita Amano’s girlfriend, finally understood what I wanted to do.

“…Well. Then I’ll be leaving, Mizumi-kun.”

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I took a step forward as I made up my mind. So, Mizumi-kun freaked out and spoke up from behind.

“Please, what are you going to do with Amano-kun in the end…!”

I paused for a moment at his question, so I can only turn around again.

I answered him with a determined look.

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“At least, I have no intention to – keep it “the same as before” anymore.”

Translator: your_pingas

In a loner’s life, it’s hard to find a word that appears more frequently than “embarrassment.”

After all, except during lessons, we are almost always invaded by this emotion in our school life. Whether it’s the short breaks between lessons that we have no places to go, the lonely lunchtime that we just plop our heads down and eat, or the time that we’re forced out to move out of the normies’ way when we’re on the bus.

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We carry a fidgetting sense of “embarrassment” at all times.

The same goes for talking to other people as well. Everyone has a tongue twist once in a while. However, only people like us will screw it up at crucial times. The kind of mishaps that weren’t even adorable or hilarious at all. For example, the humiliation between girls accidentally said “good morning” as “good mourning” is entirely different than me, the guy that once read “next sentence” as “next penis” during lessons. To put it simply, that’s why…Uwah, my face flared up once I think about it. Sigh, how could I pronounce it like that… [Note: The pronunciations of “penis” and “sentence” are entirely different in Japanese.]

I’m an “Embarrassment Taster” that takes on all kinds of embarrassment in large doses every day.

This is the title bestowed upon on loners, …which is me at the same time, Keita Amano.

Alright, even though I held such an empty Embarrassment Taster title like this.

Currently, I still encountered the most embarrassing moment in my life.

“…………” “…………”

I made sporadic eye contact with the girl in front of me as I gulped.