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Looks like there was no escape route for me since the very beginning.

I thought that she would just drop the subject, but I guess it’s only possible by listening to her request now.

“There’s no guarantee that they’ll come. Are you fine with that?”

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“I believe that you can gather everyone. Here, this is my phone number. If something happens, contact me.”

Although it was in a unusual way, for the first time in my high school life, I got the contact info of a girl.

It’s Horikita’s, though… Well, I’m not particularly happy about it.

I looked around the classroom. Well then, what is it that I’m looking for?

If I asked “Do you want to study together after school?”, would anyone come?

Me, Sudou, and Ike were only close enough to occasionally eat together. However, they stayed far away from studying.

… I have nothing to lose. I’ll just try asking them once.

“Sudou, you free?”

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I talked to Sudou, who was walking back to the classroom during the lunch break. He was sweaty and breathing heavily.

He probably went to go play basketball during the lunch break.

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“What are you planning on doing for the midterms?