Is it difficult to make money online?

Is it difficult to make money online?

“The true potential of this story can only be fully unleashed if it is adapted into an online drama!”

“Of course, since this script was not written personally by Boss Pei, the depth might be slightly worse. However, after careful consideration, this is still a good script because the content it expresses is exactly the same as what Boss Pei wants to express.”

“As long as our script writer team works hard together to make up for these shortcomings, this story can still dig out a lot of potential.”

“Boss Pei seems to have a compassionate heart. He always worries about capital taking control of our lives and further controlling the world. This worry is reflected in some of his works.”

“However, most people feel that this worry is groundless. Perhaps this makes Boss Pei feel a little anxious, so he is very supportive of such topics.”

“I think Boss Pei’s attitude is that even if this online drama will lose money, it must be filmed.”

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“That’s because it’s meaningful and valuable!”

Everyone nodded.

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Those who had doubts about the script before stopped worrying about this problem.

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If Boss Pei felt that there was no problem, he would film it!

Even if they lost money, it would not be a huge blow to Tengda. Boss Pei should be able to take it.

For Fei Huang Workspace, even if the web series failed, it probably would not be a huge blow to them. After all, everyone knew from the beginning that it would be very difficult for the web series to make money.

Some things could not be achieved concurrently.