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When the details of the exam were first explained, Ryūen immediately understood the complexity of the situation Ishizaki had found himself in and the collective stance of his classmates.

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And so, he came to a decision. In this exam where the class wanted to kick him out, he wouldn’t put up a shred of resistance.

For this reason, he was going to enjoy whatever time he had left until the supplemental exam came to an end.

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After all, he still had to think about where he would go and what he would do after leaving the school.

Hence, he didn’t want to waste his time sticking around in the classroom after school had ended for the day.

Ryūen left the classroom right away.

Ibuki watched as he did, quietly thinking about how she would pass the time for the remainder of the day.

In the past, Ryūen had often invited her to accompany him, but that hadn’t happened for a while now.

A girl approached Ibuki as she stared blankly at the door Ryūen had just passed through.

“Well well, that’s quite the miserable look on your face, now isn’t it? Are you really ‘that’ sad to see Ryuuen get expelled?”

“Haa… You again? You really enjoy trying to pick a fight with me, don’t you?”

“Not reeeally. I’m just here ‘cause I’m worried about you; isn’t that obvious? It seems to me like you’ve been increasingly less important ever since Ryūen-kun lost, wouldn’t you say?”

The one saying these provocative words was none other than Ibuki’s classmate, Shiho Manabe, a central figure among the girls of Class D.

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Ever since enrollment, the two had never gotten along well with each other. Manabe had butted heads with Ibuki more than just a few times, but because Ibuki was heavily supported by Ryūen, Manabe had been unable to complain about her as much as she wanted to.