Zhengzhou Erqi District online part-time earning day

Zhengzhou Erqi District online part-time earning day

"Sorry, for having it turn into a double date".

"I was surprised at first".

"Those two really are amazing, huh? Their aura as a couple is completely different".

At all times, Karuizawa is moving to make sure Hirata, who is playing the role of her boyfriend, stands out conspicuously. That was conveyed to Satou too, and naturally, it also makes Karuizawa's existence seem larger.

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"I really admire them~".

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Even though we were walking at a close distance, our hands never touched. The boldness she had shown when we were with Karuizawa and Hirata, not a single fragment of it could be seen now. By no means was it awkward but the atmosphere had changed into something out of the ordinary.

"Thank you for inviting me out today. I had fun".

I said that to break the silence but Satou's face remained uneasy.

"Hey Ayanokouji-kun.......you didn't have fun today, did you?".

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I heard such a thing.

"No such thing".

I denied it because I honestly enjoyed it, but for some reason it didn't seem to have been conveyed to Satou.