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It was such a dramatic change that it was hard to believe she was still the same person. If I had taken that last attack of hers directly, I would’ve suffered a substantial amount of damage. If I slipped up even once, she may very well end up taking the upper hand after all.

The feeling she gave off was painfully different than anything I had seen from her before.

“Therefore…『I』will. Right here, right now.”

The change from ‘Watashi’ to『Boku』.

There was no way that this simple change in the first-person pronoun she chose to use was enough to change her movements.

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But, even so, there was no denying that this last attack of hers was on a completely different level than the first three she had opened up with.

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“Who are you?”

Given the circumstances, I couldn’t help but ask her this question.

“『I』came back from ‘that place’ in order to put a stop to you.”

‘That place’? For a moment, I thought she might be referring to the White Room, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“From that dark… gloomy place…『I』have come back.”

Even though I didn’t understand what in the world she was talking about, I couldn’t afford to be negligent.

This new Nanase who referred to herself with『Boku』had shifted her fighting style from one that focused primarily on jiu-jitsu to karate. She came at me repeatedly with swift, lethal thrusts and jabs that, if landed properly, would probably be powerful enough to knock out an adult man.

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After I got into the rhythm of parrying and dodging her repeated attacks, I began to contemplate the mystery behind why she had changed her first-person pronoun.

“Do you really think that you can keep dodging forever!?”

In Nanase’s mind, she had probably convinced herself that if she just kept attacking, ten, twenty times over, one would eventually have to hit the mark. For that very reason, she had done away with all hesitation and pushed forward with her relentless barrage.

If someone else were to bear witness to what was happening, they probably would’ve thought something similar.

They’d think that there’s no way I’d be able to avoid everything she threw at me and eventually reach the conclusion that I’d have to strike back at some point to try and defend myself.

“Ha, Haaa!!!”