Do you need to pay online?

Do you need to pay online?

“Finishing this true product of the Gods; don’t leave behind any regrets in the game!”

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Coupled with the extremely appropriate background music, Teacher Qiao’s impassioned voice would make his audience feel passionate and eager to rush headfirst into battle.

However, both of Pei Qian’s hands grew cold. He felt the blood solidify in his veins.

“This is so sad…” Pei Qian looked up in anguish, feeling utterly speechless.

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Nearing the end of the video, many comments that said ‘full-mark essay’ floated past the screen.

Yet, that was not the end. Teacher Qiao delivered a parting message to bring the comments to a climax once again!

“The above was the full content for this episode of Products of the Gods. I hope everyone will get to enjoy the rich gaming experience for themselves. After all, no matter how many times you watch others complete the game, you’re only scratching an itch through a layer of clothes. Nothing compared to enjoying the game firsthand.

“You don’t have to worry about not being able to complete the game because of your bad skills. After this, I will produce detailed walkthroughs so that other lousy players like me can work hard to complete the game for themselves!

“This episode of Product of the Gods will end here. I will update strategies to progress through Repent and be Saved later on. Please keep watching this space! “If you like this series, please support me! See you again on the next episode of Products of the Gods!”

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Comments like ‘I can’t wait’, ‘thank you, Old Qiao’, ‘I’m waiting for your update’, and ‘see you next year series’ appeared on the screen. Once again, Pei Qian fell silent.

I’m finished. This Teacher Qiao is going to come up with a series of videos! He’s going to produce a detailed walkthrough for the game!

Pei Qian had expected a series like that.

He expected the series to have limited influence if it had not been posted in Products of the Gods.

Yet, now, Teacher Qiao had posted it in Products of the Gods! The situation was completely different!

Many gamers left various comments in the comments section. All of them were obviously encouraged.

“I waited a lifetime for this! Finally, there’s a second episode for the Products of the Gods!”

“I never expected the second episode to be about Tengda’s game as well.”

“He’s my son indeed. Every time he produces a video, he stands out. He beats all other UP Masters in the games channel, hands down!”