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As I mustered my courage and called out,

「Yes. What is it, Allen-san?」

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She adorably titled her neck, with a gentle smile on her face.

(A, Allen-san?)

She always called me Allen-kun, though…….

Apparently, due to this case, my favorability has plummeted to the ground.

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「Well, um… as I said, it was not my intention to peep–」

「But you saw me naked, didn’t you?」

The president made a sharp point while smiling softly.


Certainly, as she says, I saw everything without leaving anything to imagination.

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(Since then, I desperately shook my head to try and forget that memory, but…)

It is impossible to forget such a strong memory.

「Onee-san does not think such perverted acts should be forgiven. Allen-san, for the reason of disgracing three maidens, you should atone for your sins in the dungeon of the Holy Knights Association.」she said, and turned away from me.

(T-This is bad…)